Indian De Oiled Rice Bran (Rice Bran Extraction)
Rice Bran Extraction though grouped in the starkly low energy feed materials, has more than 16% protein content of excellent quality. Rice Bran Extraction has a very low fat content (0.5% -1.0%) and thereof free from rancidity problems.

Though cheap, it is rich in the valuable amino acids- methionine, cystine & lysine and phosphorous a vital expensive mineral. Further because of its low fiber and adequate metabolic energy, the de oiled rice bran is used as feedstuff in India and about 0.3 million tones is exported per year for the same purpose.

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The Rice Bran Oil is healthier when compared to other edible oil. It has low Cholesterol. It improves blood circulation & rejuvenates the central nervous system and smoothen the texture of the Skin. It is rich in micronutrients & natural antioxidants.

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