What we sell ?

We sell rice bran oil and de-oiled rice bran. De-oiled rice bran, an extraction, is a low-energy feed material with more than 16 percent of protein. The fat connect of our rice bran extract being between 0.5 – 1.0 percent makes the product free from rancidity problems.

You are assured of a high quality product rich in phosphorus, amino acids (cystine, lysine, and methionine), and other vital minerals. Our de-oiled rice being of low fibre content and high in metabolic energy content is used as feedstuff throughout India and abroad. About 0.3 million tonnes of de-oiled rice bran is exported.

Why opt for rice bran oil?

Compared to other edible oils, rice bran oil is healthier as its cholesterol content is low. This oil rich in natural antioxidants and micronutrients improves bold circulation, strengthens our central nervous system, and also helps in rejuvenating our skin.

Use Pragati rice bran oil to ensure good health and a wealthy life.

“Health is Wealth”- Pragati Rice Bran Oil Keeps the Goodness Locked